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About Lake Saint Louis

Originally envisioned in 1961 as a weekend resort for the St. Louis region, Lake Saint Louis was eventually developed as a private, year-round lake community. The Covenants and Restrictions for the Lake Saint Louis Community Association (CA), which detailed the rules under which the community was to be governed, as well as the rules for the association's members, were adopted in 1967. Those were the rules for the community until 1975 when the community was recognized by the State of Missouri as the town of Harbor Town. In 1977 the town's name was changed to Lake Saint Louis. Currently, Lake Saint Louis is recognized by the state as a Fourth Class City. Lake Saint Louis' location, with I-70 and I-64 both passing through the City, has resulted in rapid growth, and the community has grown well outside the original boundaries of the CA, which means that some residents are members of the CA and have access to the CA's amenities, while those not within the CA do not.

The dominating features in Lake Saint Louis are the two private lakes which can only be accessed by CA members and their guests. Each lake has specific rules limiting the size of boats, speeds and engine horsepower allowed on the lake. The larger of the lakes, Lake Saint Louis, allows for higher horsepower and speeds and a wide variety of activities, including water-skiing, tubing, sailing, fishing, and general boating. Lake Sainte Louise, the smaller of the two lakes, has restrictions that limit the activities on the lake unless authorized by the CA, but you'll still find lots of fishing, paddling and sailing. Both lakes host CA-owned marinas, which allow CA members to rent dock space. Some of the marinas also include pavilions, boat launch ramps, restrooms and a gas dock.

There is more to life in Lake Saint Louis than boating, however. There are three golf courses in the community, including Lake Forest County Club, a private 18-hole championship golf course that has hosted a number of prestigious events. There are also two par 3 courses, one of which is owned by the CA. CA members may also take advantage of CA-owned beaches, pools and tennis courts. The city is also home to multiple stables and many parks.

The shopping and dining opportunities within Lake Saint Louis have been growing dramatically over the past few years, with large shopping areas including the Shoppes at Hawk Ridge and The Meadows at Lake Saint Louis both hosting numerous national and local retailers and restaurants. The oldest commercial area in Lake Saint Louis can be found just north of I-70 on Lake Saint Louis. There you'll find gas stations, local retailers and restaurants as well.

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