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In any community as active and vibrant as Lake Saint Louis, there will always be questions that come up. Who, what, where, when, why, etc. Well, would like to help. We have many long-time residents who are very active in the community available to answer questions, so please use the forum we've linked to (note: the forum is neither owned nor operated by and we'll try to get your questions answered. If we can't help, there is little doubt that one of the many helpful members in our community will try to help you. That being said, we do ask that you follow some simple rules…

The forum is intended to allow anyone with an interest in Lake Saint Louis to ask questions, provide answers or information, or to engage in friendly debates regarding issues affecting the community. Monitoring of posts on the site is largely up to you. If you see something you don't think is consistent with the basic goals of the site, or with the specific rules below, please contact the forum moderator. We are firm believers in the First Amendment, and encourage users of forums to speak their minds on topics that interest them. A healthy exchange of ideas and points-of-view are good for the community. However, in general, the golden rule applies, so let's all try to be civil.

Please Follow these Basic Rules

  1. Be Clear When Naming a New Topic
  2. Stay on Topic and Post in the Correct Section
  3. No Discrimination
  4. No Bullying
  5. No Flaming
  6. No Profanity or Obscene Content
  7. No Advertising outside of the Classifieds section
  8. No Posting of Content Created or Owned by Others
  9. No Illegal Activity
  10. No Double Posting or Spamming

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